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Free Riding in SW Forests
The Forestry Commission for a few years now has not required riders to have a permit for riding in the forest it owns. If you find any problems with this please let us know.


British Horse Society - Paths for Communities grant scheme
Following the success of the DEFRA P4C scheme that finished in 2014 the BHS now has its own and similar scheme.

The BHS Paths for Communities Fund provides grants to develop create or improve off road routes so that equestrians can enjoy the great outdoors.

Our aim for the Paths for Communities Fund is for it to grow through donations and fundraising events across the UK, so it can continue to benefit our vital access work in the years ahead.

If you have identified a potential route that would benefit from the fund, then please complete an application form and send the form in along with a map of the proposed route. If you have any questions, contact the Access Team on 02476 840515 or We may put you in contact with your local BHS Access Officer who can assist you with the application. Also see

Floods and Cuts
Many of our bridleways continue to be severely damaged by what seems to be regular 'extreme' rainfall. The funding of most Council's Rights of Way Departments has been drastically reduced. We are seeing a big mpact on the condition of our bridleways.

We do encourage riders to try and help keep our bridleways in repair by doing simple cutting where practicalable. Many councils will help volunteer groups in this task.

Dead? Or Dead Slow?
The BHS Director of Safety Alan Hiscox (who was a mounted police officer) has over the last two years been leading a ;Dead Slow' campaign. This is an ongoing campaign with nationwide and political initiatives and involving working with the police forces on many local iriitiatives.

Please see

A most important part of this campaign is to get many more accidents reported to BHS and especially any incidents that happen on our roads.



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The South West Region covers Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset. Somerset, Devon and Cornwall and including the former County Area of Avon.

For Information and news on Access and Bridleways in each County or Unitary area: Please see County Pages on Side Menu (left).

Reporting Horse Accidents and incidents
Every year many of not most equestrian incidents go unrecorded. If no-one knows about them, nothing can be done. The BHS asks that ALL accidents are reported. ANY ROAD RELATED NEAR MISS, INCIDENT, ACCIDENT OR ROAD RAGE INVOLVING A HORSE CAN BE REPORTED UNDER THE 'ROAD ACCIDENT' CATEGORY, NOT JUST ACCIDENTS.

Hard evidence and statistics are required to lobby those in power to make the changes that are required to ensure riding is safer for all. Sharing your experience could make a huge difference – together we can FIGHT FOR CHANGE.

Please report any accident you have on