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Forestry Access
FREE Riding Access to SW ForestsSubmitted by: bhsaccesssouthwest 07 05 2013 17:21
You no longer need a permit to ride in Forestry Commission Forests in the SW. Riding will be unrestricted in Commission owned woodland. Riding is not permitted in leasehold woodland at Boconnoc, Clinnicks, Largin, Dunmere and East Wood. Carriage drivers will still require permits as they are taking a vehicle into the forest; event organisers should contact

Devon General News
Tamar TrailsSubmitted by: bhsaccesssouthwest 22 04 2013 15:09
The new Tamar Trails Centre on the Devon Cornwall border was opened on the 29 March.It is the final phase in ten years of work developing trails in this the historic mining woodland environment on the Devon side of Tamar Valley opposite Gunnislake. Disappointingly although horse boxes may park at 4 a day. A permit costing 5 has to be purchased in advance! - very discriminatory. also see

Wind Turbines
Wind Turbine GuidelinesSubmitted by: bhsaccesssouthwest 11 02 2013 22:24
The BHS has very clear guidelines in its leaflet on the siting turbines.See However the guidelines are not mandatory and planners seem reluctant to follow them. Check with your local council that they are aware of these guidelines and the implications for horses and riders

Forestry Access
Protecting Forests Submitted by: bhsaccesssouthwest 01 02 2013 16:18
DEFRA has announced that a new public body is to be established that will will protect forests for future generations.

Forestry Access
The Independent Panel on ForestrySubmitted by: bhsaccesssouthwest 17 11 2012 15:30
In July 2012 The Independent Panel on Forestry.has presented its report. The panel recognises that the quality of access to the public forest estate is unrivalled and that this should be secured for the nation for the long term. This appears to be good news if the government takes note and follows it through.

Self Closing GatesSubmitted by: bhsaccesssouthwest 12 11 2012 10:56
Self Closing Gates (and especially one way opening) continue to be of great concern to riders. Fast closing times and difficult approaches and exits often make it impossible to get your horses through without being guillotined or bashed from behind by the gate. Please report all incidents with gatesto . Your feedback on gate issues is also welcome via this page's forum.

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